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Condoms will be the only variety of contraception that may both pregnancy that is prevent force away intimately sent infections (STIs).

There’s two forms of condoms: male condoms, used regarding the penis; and female condoms, used within the vagina.

This site is all about male condoms, and describes the way they work and where they can be got by you.

Male condoms are manufactured from extremely slim latex (rubber), polyisoprene or polyurethane and tend to be made to stop a person’s semen from getting into experience of their intimate partner.

At a look: condoms

  • When utilized precisely each time you have intercourse, male condoms are 98% effective. What this means is 2 away from 100 females can be expecting in a single 12 months whenever condoms that are male utilized as contraception.
  • You could get free condoms from contraception clinics, sexual wellness clinics plus some GP surgeries.
  • Oil-based items – such as for example moisturiser, cream and Vaseline – could harm latex and condoms that are polyisoprene however they are safe to utilize with polyurethane condoms.
  • Water-based lubricant is safe to make use of along with condoms.
  • It is possible for the condom to slide off while having sex. In such a circumstance, you might require emergency contraception also to get examined for STIs.
  • Condoms should be kept in locations where are not too hot or cool, and far from razor- sharp or surfaces that are rough could tear them or use them away.
  • Wearing a condom is a pleasurable section of intercourse and doesn’t always have to feel a disruption.
  • If you are responsive to latex, you need to use polyisoprene or polyurethane condoms rather.
  • A condom should not be utilized more often than once. Utilize a unique one each right time you’ve got intercourse.
  • Condoms have use-by date on the packaging. Avoid using out-of-date condoms.
  • Always utilize condoms that have actually the BSI kite mark in addition to CE mark regarding the packet. This implies they have been tested to high security requirements.

What sort of condom works

Condoms are a “barrier” way of contraception. These are generally manufactured from extremely slim latex (plastic), polyurethane or polyisoprene and they are built to avoid maternity by stopping semen from fulfilling an egg.

They could additionally protect against STIs if utilized correctly during genital, anal and sex that is oral.

Be sure that a person’s penis will not touch a woman’s vagina before a condom happens to be placed on – semen will come from the penis before a guy has completely ejaculated (come).

Should this happen, or if semen gets to the vagina while using the a condom, you may require emergency contraception. Select having an STI test.

Just how to work with a condom

  • Just take the condom out from the packet, being careful not to ever tear it with jewelry or fingernails. Try not to start the packet together with your teeth.
  • Position the condom on the tip regarding the penis that is erect.
  • If there is a teat from the end associated with the condom, make use of your thumb and forefinger to fit the atmosphere from it.
  • Carefully roll the condom right down to the bottom of this penis.
  • In the event that condom will not move down, you may well be keeping it the wrong method round. Should this happen, it would likely have sperm it away and try again with a new one on it, so throw.
  • After intercourse, withdraw the penis whilst it’s nevertheless erect – hold the condom on in the root of the penis as you repeat this.
  • Eliminate the condom through the penis, being careful to not spill any semen.
  • Toss the condom away in a container, maybe maybe not along the lavatory.
  • Ensure the guy’s penis will not touch his partner’s genital area again.
  • When you yourself have sex once more, make use of condom that is new.

Making use of lubricant

Condoms come lubricated to ensure they are better to make use of, you could also want to utilize lubricant that is additionallube). This really is specially advised for anal intercourse to lessen the possibility associated with the condom splitting.

You need to use any kind of lubricant with polyurethane condoms which are not made from latex. But, if you should be making use of latex or polyisoprene condoms, avoid using oil-based lubricants – such as for instance cream, body oil or vaseline (Vaseline) – it more likely to split because they can damage the condom and make.

Condoms with spermicide

Some condoms include spermicide to them. You need to stay away from this kind, or making use of spermicide as a lubricant, because it does not protect against STIs and will boost your threat of disease.

Who are able to make use of condoms?

Many people can properly utilize condoms, however they is almost certainly not the essential suitable approach to contraception for everybody.

  • Some people are allergic to latex condoms. Should this be an issue, polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms are less likely to want to cause a reaction that is allergic.
  • Guys that have trouble maintaining an erection might never be able to utilize condoms due to the fact penis needs to be erect to avoid semen from dripping or gorgeous ukrainian brides perhaps the condom slipping down.