Bridge and highway that is new Norway and Russia officially opens

Despite big politics with storms and uncertainties between European countries and Russia, every day life for folks on both edges associated with edge into the high north continues.

The stretch that is last of highway E105 between Kirkenes-Murmansk had been formally exposed on Friday. A tunnel that is new connection in the Norwegian part of this edge makes Europes northernmost cross-border road quicker and safer to operate a vehicle.

Total expenses in the Norwegian region of the task are 830 million Norwegian kroner (about €88 million). In the Russian part, expenses are also greater. Just 12 associated with 210 kilometres connecting Kirkenes with Murmansk is on Norway’s region of the edge.

Traffic over the edge between the two nations are increasing, even though the cargo flow is bound. Almost all of the border-crossings are carried out by Russians on shopping in Norway and Norwegians on shopping trips to Kola that is neighbouring Peninsula.

In 1988, as soon as the calendar nevertheless marked Cold War, some 2,800 border-crossings were held between Norway and also the Soviet Union within the north. For 2017, that true quantity is going to be 270,000 individuals. With all the brand new highway, capability is in spot for also greater figures.

“We have mutual desire for further developing cooperation, for company, trade, training, environment along with other areas, ” Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen stated in their speech during the opening ceremony.

Picture: Thomas Nilsen

Construction and renovation work with the highway began almost a decade ago following the Russian and Norwegian Foreign Ministers consented to spend money on better cross-border infrastructure.


Generally, whenever ministers or any other high-ranking officials available brand brand brand new bridges they slice the ribbon. Not as of this ceremony. As opposed to cutting the ribbon, Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen and Deputy Minister Sergey Aristov, knotted the ribbon in a symbolic move connecting Norway and Russia.

The ribbon was symbolically knotted together in the place of being cut. Picture: Thomas Nilsen

Three hours drive

The highway that is new just dramatically decreases the time required for driving between Murmansk and Kirkenes, it’s also makes the drive safer. Today, it requires around three hours from Norway to downtown Murmansk. In the event that border-crossing itself with traditions and immigration control goes efficiently.

The border-crossing points, one for each part for the border, have actually over years skilled a major upsurge in force as traveling amongst the nations have actually selected rate. Capability at top hours is strained and work load in the border authorities exhausted. Police claims it is urgent to have facilities that are new.

“We are extremely conscious of the specific situation, ” Ketil Solvik-Olsen says to the Barents Observer, although he can’t guarantee funding on next year’s state budget to be presented later in October.

Trifon tunnel

With the brand new connection comes an innovative new tunnel called the “Trifon tunnel” after the holy Russian-Orthodox monk, whom lived in your community when you look at the sixteenth century. The offical edge in the north arrived in 1826, the final section of European countries getting state edges.

Bishop Olav Oygard of North-Halogaland and Metropolitan Simon of Murmansk and Monchegorsk had a joint blessing ceremony in the connection.

Norwegian Bishop and Russian Metropolitan had a joint blessing ceremony from the bridge. Picture: Thomas Nilsen

Norway-Finland highway next?

Solvik-Olsen claims more infrastructure is likely to be developed when you look at the high north, including a cross-border fiber-optic line to Russia. He would, however, not elaborate on other road jobs.

Oddgeir Danielsen, frontrunner regarding the Northern Dimension Partnership for Transport and Logistics states the highway that is new a crucial role in east-west infrastructure.

“This is becoming a extremely efficient road, connecting Russia along with the rest of European countries through northern Norway. ”

Danielsen is certain that officials in main Europe will need note of this brand new road and explore exactly just exactly how the rest of rail-, and road networks across Russian-European borders could be enhanced.

“Next step-up here when you look at the north are going to be improvements for the road between Neiden and Kaamanen, ” Oddgeir Danielsen elaborates. That cross-border road links European highway E6 in Norway military cupid mobile site with European highway E75 in Finnish Lapland.

Oddgeir Danielsen is mind for the Northern Dimension Partnership for Transport and Logistics. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

12 meters wide

Following the ceremony on Norway’s new bridge and tunnel, the officials drove throughout the edge for opening of Russia’s segment that is nothernmost of this highway. The around 17 kilometers distance from Gulfstream to Borisoglebsk was prepared autumn that is last top contemporary standard, 12 meters wide and extremely few curves.

3 years ago, the part of the road through the town of Zapolyarny towards the old customized check-point exposed after a couple of years construction duration. Additionally other areas for the E105 between Murmansk and Zapolyarny are upgraded during the last couple of years with brand brand new bridges and wider lanes.

A brand new roundabout is built where E105 meets E6 at Hesseng outside Kirkenes. Picture: Thomas Nilsen

In dark, the bridge is lighted in blue. Picture: Thomas Nilsen